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This pour over style coffee pot is designed so that you can brew a pot of coffee then replace the dripper with a lid and enjoy your coffee at leisure while the pot keeps it warm. The dripper is thrown and altered in order to fit a standard filter. It comes with a tray that will hold the dripper after you are finished brewing to prevent coffee drips getting on to your table. 


Coffee Pot size:

  • Height:
  • Width:
  • ml


Dripper size (including tray):

  • Height
  • Width

Coffee Pot and Dripper Set

  • My work is thrown on the wheel using a groggy terra cotta. It has been decorated with textural slips, glazed in ash glazes, and fired to 1220 in an electric kiln

  • I will refund items returned to me in their original condition within a month of ordering. If your order arrives damaged, please contact me for a replacement or refund. 

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